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Zen Sun - 3D Dimensional Steel Art
Zen Sun - Dimensional Steel Art

Wall Hung Native Art - 7 7 Eagle Feathers, check in the gallery art section for this great home decorating steel art.
Eagle Feather - Dimensional South West Art

War Dancer Native Art - Great for the Home and Garden.
War Dancer - South West Art
Wall Hung Metal Art - Hummming Bird & Rose Oval Shield
ummingbird Shield
30" or 18"
These are Unique Hand Crafted pieces of art. Plasma cut out of cold rolled steel, hand ground by Artists, then hand heated to perfection. With a Powder Coat Finish these artistically crafted pieces are great for Home and Garden.
Wall Hung Metal Art - Rocky Mountain Scenic Elk Disk - dimensional steel art
Rocky Mountain Elk Disk 24"
The Artist South West Wall Hung Metal Art, influenced from the rich Native Art Culture of the South West      Music to the Gods Kokopelli - South West Wall Hung Metal Art for the Home and Garden

End Of The Trail South West Art - Wall Hung Metal Decor
From the heart of the Indian Country each design has it's own meaning and representation of the history of South West Art and its rich Native Art Culture. Show Pictures of Reflections In Metal, South West Art Wall Hung Metal Art - Includinge Native Art, Animal Wall Art.  All great for the Home Decor, with new pieces like Garden Stakes and Spinners comming soon.

Gallery Style Dimensional Metal Wall Art
Mountain Tree Frame
34" and 45"

Individually hand grinded to give the unique background and color design. The temperature from the hand heating brings out up to 32 colors imbedded in the steel. Colors range from gold to touches of purple, giving each piece it's own hue. To complete the work of art, it is coated with an industrial clear coat Powder Coat Finish that allows it to weather the elements. This process makes our work great for home decorating, inside or outside.
3X Preying Eagle Dimensional Steel Metal Wall Decor
3D Dimensional Preying Eagle
12" 24" 30"
South West Pottery Metal Wall Art - 3 piece dimensional.
South West Pottery
3D - Dimensional Metal Art

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Custom Gallery Metal Art - Featuring 7 South West Spruce Trees. These Trees are welded in the patented Reflections In Metal 3D Dimensional fashion. We believe this is a great piece to be used for home decorating inside or outside.
7 Spruce Tree Set
Dimensional Metal Wall Art
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